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Märkische Höfe

Don't look a gift horse
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Here comes your luck galloping, or a trot, if that’s more comfortable for you. Our horse stable Märkische Höfe offers day trippers and vacationers numerous opportunities to make unforgettable memories with our beloved horses. We offer high-quality riding lessons as well as rides for children and teenagers, returners, adult beginners who have always wanted to sit on a horse, anxious as well as advanced riders. From Shetland Ponies to sport horses, we have about 20 well-trained horses and ponies with us.

When you enter our horse stable, you will be greeted with a gentle snort and a friendly neigh, and of course by our riding instructors headed by Lotte and Jessy. If you are our guest in summer, you might experience a show from our resident swallow birds. Hundreds of the fluttering companions nesting in the stable will fly in and out, busy gathering nesting material, feeding from the adjacent vegetable garden and visiting the horses grazing outside.


Our horses graze on the grounds behind the large garden of the Märkische Höfe. On the other side of the road is the riding arena and other pastures, which impress with their spaciousness and the view of the beautiful landscape. The extensive surroundings offer countless paths for riding through forests, fields and along lakes. Trail riders are also welcome here. We are happy to take in board horses and the affiliated riding club even allows you to take part in competitions.

First the pleasure, then the pampering: Our horse stable is located in the middle of the grounds of the Märkische Höfe and also directly next to the Clavis Restaurant, which will gladly reward you with a delicious spritzer and numerous delicacies after your training or ride!

Our very best for horse lovers at a glance

Horse riding offers:

  • About 20 well-trained horses and ponies
  • Trail court
  • Horse shelter
  • Participation in tournaments possible
  • Affiliated riding club
  • Perfect starting point for rides through the vastness of Brandenburg’s nature
  • Playground and petting zoo
  • Direct connection to Restaurant Clavis and Hotel Märkische Höfe

Lessons and experiences:

  • Riding lessons / rides for children & teenagers
  • Riding lessons /rides for adult beginners, fearful riders and advanced riders
  • Guided rides for beginners
  • Trial lessons for the little ones
  • Group lessons
  • Private lessons
  • Pony games
  • Bathing rides

Are you ready to saddle up for your very personal riding experience in the heart of Brandenburg? Here you can find our offers and prices:

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